friday, July 17:

  • Nicola Tariello Septet “Under the Stars of Jazz”, opening act by Claudia Campolongo with “Canto Conte”
  • “A Thousand Blue Bubbles” by Nicky Nicolai and Stefano di Battista
  • “DubFunk Bro Project”

saturday, July 18:

  • “Jazz for Children” by Emanuel Elisei and Valentina Arias
  • “Street Parade” with Pink Puffers Brass Band & Fire Dixie Jazz Band
  • “Sacred Monsters”, marvelous and tragic lives of three great jazzists of the 50s. Theater Speech on Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk and Chet Baker’s lives
  • “Golsoniana Quartet” by Susanna Stivali
  • “Gospel Tribute” by Harold Bradley & Toto Torquati
  • “Viaggio a New Orleans” by Francesca De Fazi Gypsy Blues Band
  • Pink Paffers Brass Band

sunday, July 19:

  • “New Orleans Music, Colors and Dances” with Pink Puffers Brass Band, VivalDixie Street Band and Lestofunky Street Band


Credits: Nadia Paola Sampong

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