Tolfa Jazz is a partner of Susan G. Komen Italia, a non-profit association that has been working in the fight against breast cancer since 2000.
A full day of the festival is dedicated to “women in pink” with the aim of sensitizing the prevention and treatment of breast tumors; funds for research are collected through a series of cultural and sporting initiatives.
The festival will be opened by the evocative “PINK PARADE”: hundreds of participants, street bands and numerous associations of the district recreate the atmosphere of the famous “Mardi Gras” of New Orleans through music, dances and colors.

Prof. Gianluca Franceschini, founding partner of Susan G. Komen Italia, is one of the promoters of this day and explains the meaning: <<Because music, protagonist of the event together with “women in pink”, also has a therapeutic power and can help patients on their path to cancer and recovering psycho-physical wellbeing. The purpose of this “day in pink” is to promote the prevention of breast cancer and to create a new and positive cultural attitude towards the disease. A disease that is no longer a taboo, but that more and more can be defeated >>.